Friday, September 12, 2014


Growing My Edges- Update

My first update since starting this challenge. I was trying to do monthly updates but life got in the way. But better late than never. Anyways, my edges are (slowly) growing back and I noticed a few things. I took pics of the left and right side. 

My main concern is the right side because that's where I have a small patch. I've been pretty consistent with applying the scalp/growth oil that I made. I gave the right side more attention than the left. Guess which side grew more than the other? Yeah, the left side. 

I don't get it. After a few months the growth is pretty slow around the edges. But it's filling in so I can't really complain.


  1. My edges are thin as well, because of postpartum :/ I massage castor oil 4x/weekly and they are coming back slowly, but surely. I'll add peppermint and rosemary to mine as well. Just to see if that helps too

  2. Aww…kiss the baby for me. I hope adding them works for you. Thanks for stopping by take care.