Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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Product Review: Eden Body Works

I'm still trying to find my "it" leave-in product after Trader Joe's decided to change the ingredients without informing me first. How rude! Anyways, I got this at my local Sally's. I did my normal wash day routine and applied as my leave-in. The product is thick and creamy. It gave my hair defined curls that left me satisfied. Until….

As soon as I walked out the door the definition was POOF! That's why whenever a product claims to control frizz or humidity-resistant, I simply chuckle. 

-Within my budget
-Defined my curls
-No messy sticky residue
-Natural ingredients with no sulfates, mineral oils, dyes, or parabens

-I didn't get the frizz/humidity control I was looking for

I like this product and used it a few more times but I can't say if it's a keeper. I even modified it by adding honey, olive, and castor oil. I'm a mix-tress (in my head) and it wasn't a bad mix. The results were better than I expected.

The journey still continues...


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