Sunday, July 6, 2014

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Restaurant Review: Chef Brooke's Natural Cafe

Organic homemade food with healthy options

That's the motto of this eco-friendly cafe that my tummy recently tried out. I'm the type that enjoys trying and finding new dining experiences. This is my third such experience and so far so good.

Decisions… Decisions…

I went with the organic wild cod taco. Very colorful! The only ingredients I can identify is obviously the carrots and cabbage. The green leaf is on the tip of my tongue (or in this case fingers) but I can't think of it. I wish they were listed. But no worries, it didn't stop me from enjoying. It came with rice and beans on the side. 

The ingredients are different from what I use in my (almost) everyday cooking. I'm leaning towards implementing some of this. I have to see what I like VS what I don't VS maybe I can alternate. But, for now two "clueless" thumbs up for this dish.


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