Monday, July 7, 2014


Mini-Twists and Curl

I used perm rods to do this style. I didn't roll it up all the way just halfway. Then I used my satin scarf and went night night. The next morning….

I got this cute style

At night I would spritz my hair a bit and add the rods again the same way. There was no need to add extra products since I already used this to achieve the style. I likey!


  1. Heya!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have nominated you for ´´The Fashionista Award´´ hosted by 'That Chic Fashion Blog'. You can see my post here on my blog: For details of the competition visit their page here: :)

  2. Aww…. Sounds exciting!! Going to take a look. Thanks for the nomination and good luck to you!!