Sunday, July 27, 2014


Loaded Loaded Baked Potato

A clueless step by step guide on loading that potato  

-Ground Chicken
-Seasoned Salt
-Lemon Juice
-Green Onions
-Olive Oil

-Mixed Cheese
-Plain Greek Yogurt
-Green Onions
-Spicy Ranch Dressing

Preheat oven to 350. Wash potato and poke with a knife. I find that doing it this way allows it to cook faster and is easier to get to when eating. Spray with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Cover with aluminum foil and put in to bake. Allow 30-45 minute. Meanwhile.....

I'm "trying" to get in the habit of buying more of these

During the last few minutes of the potato being done... Heat olive oil in skillet; add chicken cook till browned; adding seasoned salt along the way and a cap full of lemon juice which is optional. When it's almost done add some fresh green onions.

Now it's time to load, load, load

Add the cooked ground chicken

Shredded cheese

Plain greek yogurt (trust me you can't tell the difference) and green onions

Drizzle with spicy ranch dressing, recipe can be found here, top with jalapeños and repeat the process. 

This is how I load mines. How do you do yours?


  1. That looks amazing (files away for a day when I cannot think of what to cook).

  2. It truly was it filled me up and thanks for stopping by