Sunday, June 15, 2014

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Restaurant Review: The Cider Press Cafe

A raw vegan, 100% gluten-free, full service, casual fine dining restaurant 

I'm always up for new dining experiences, especially when it's out of the chain restaurant environment. I was skeptical but I would've never known the outcome if I hadn't visit.

Most people are turned off when it comes to eating raw but you get the best nutrients when food is eaten that way. I blogged about that >>> here. I don't always eat raw but do try to incorporate when I can.

They use a special kitchen technique to achieve the flavor, nutrition density, and dining satisfaction. Y'all don't know how bad I wanted to go in the kitchen and see how it was done. 

Chipotle Enchiladas

After going back and forth I opted for the enchiladas. 

-spiced corn tortillas, walnut chipotle picadillo, salsa verde, pickled jalape├▒os, macadamia crema fresca, with citrus slaw

Caramel Salted Cheesecake
(those 'lil pink crystals are salt)

-Clean food that is local and organic
-Quiet relaxed atmosphere 
-Friendly service
-Menu selection is different from what I'm used to (You know how a lot of restaurants have the same exact menu) 

-I know everything in moderation, but can a girl get bigger portions. I wanted more, more, more
-It's a bit pricey but it's one of those places that's on the top of my list when I want something different and don't mind paying a little more for healthy quality food
-Distance, I live about an hour away 

It was worth the drive though. I heart restaurants that caters to the health conscious consumers. More and more of these are popping up because consumers are being heard. Kudos to them for playing their part.

My first vegan raw restaurant experience was superb! Blew my expectations away. I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a new dining experience. Carnivores will love it too! So glad I gave it a try. It peeked my curiosity even more to look into raw eating.


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