Saturday, June 28, 2014

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Product Review- Shea Moisture: Thickening Milk & Gel Souffle

I'm back with another clueless review. I've tried Shea Moisture products before just not the two pictured above until now. CVS was having a BOGO and I took advantage of trying them out. I've already heard some not so great reviews about the gel. But me being me, I went for it anyway. 

After doing my normal wash day routine I used both products together. I was experimenting to see how the two would work. The results of combining the two looked like it wanted to give me defined curls but somewhere along the way it got sidetracked. I also had some frizz along the back area. 

I tried the gel by itself when I did a bun and I'm not a fan of it. In order to keep me from going crazy I used the gel for …

Mini twists. This is going to be my style for the next few weeks so I can give more time and focus to team edges. I noticed when my hair is soaking wet and I apply the gel my curls are defined. But it doesn't give me enough courage to do a wash and go. I already know what the end of the day results will look like. 

Why is a gel so greasy? I'm already exhausted trying products. Once summer is over I will try, try, try again. Overall, I'm on the fence. 

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