Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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Accessorizing Natural Hair

I have a ton of scarves, headbands, strings, and clips to help me with accessorizing my hair. Some I've made, some I've bought, and some I just have a creative eye for "that'll look nice on my hair".

My box full of yummy hair goodies

Collection of  head scarves (there's more this is just a few of them)

This is a headband that I temporaily turned into a hair tie

There's a lot of accessories out there to help when you're having those hair days. But you don't always have to run out and buy them. Get creative you can make your own or have an eye for cool stuff that you can use on your hair. I've used soft belts from sweaters, ties from packs of hand towels, buttons that I've glued together, and so on.


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