Monday, May 19, 2014

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Product Review: Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto

I finally got the chance to try these all natural treats. They are now in Publix and I saw them at Target too. What got my attention was (buy one, get one FREE!) the clear packaging. It was quiet, it wasn't loud and colorful like other products trying to get my attention. When I turned to read the ingredients, guess what?

I was able to read what was in there. No looooong list of hard to pronounce ingredients. It's straight to the point with none of the word-play that marketers use. Yes!! That's a major plus for me.

-Gluten Free
-No Corn Syrup
-Hormone Free
-Kosher (everytime I see that word I think of Huggy Lowdown- "What's the dills pickles is everything kosher")

I decided to try Roman Raspberry(sorbetto) and Caribbean Coconut (gelato). What's the difference between sorbet and gelato? My definition: Just another fancy word for ice cream :)

Sorbet- Usually dairy-free and egg-free made with frozen fruits or flavored water and sugar

Gelato- Similar to ice cream but is churned at a much slower rate and uses less dairy and eggs. Basically an Italian style ice cream.

-All natural
-Quality ingredients
-Affordable high-end dessert
-No guilt while eating

-You will not want to share
-You will be doing a lot of hiding
-You will lie about what you're eating
-You will be on the lookout every time that freezer door opens

If I had to choose my favorite it would be Caribbean Coconut. I love them both but the coconut gave me more of an "ice cream" feel. They have a variety of flavors that I can't wait to try. I was in Target and got Alphonso Mango.

I was in the car tearing this up!!!

Watch out! All you top ice cream makers, y'all got some serious competition.

I love out of the box companies and hope what they are selling is true and continue to stay that way which makes me a fan. I wish I knew about this company before. But, better late than never.


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