Monday, May 5, 2014


Bantu Knots Success? Maybe Knot!

After having two successful hair challenges (Curlformers and Straightened Hair), I decided to tackle the one I always had a problem mastering. Bantu Knots. This is like my millionth attempt at this style. I always come back thinking I finally "got this". 

Again, I used Carol's Daughter Styling Foam. I parted my hair in three sections. As if I was about to do roller sets and started with the middle section and worked from there. Then I used my soft bonnet to dry my hair. 

Once my hair was completely dry it looked like I was  on my way to another successful hair story.

The take down. Eeekk!! Looking good!

Umm… WTF!

Ok hair, you don't like bantu knots


  1. Smaller sections, triangular shaped, on damp or dry hair. Finger comb/fluff roots... practise makes perfect!

  2. Thank you sis! I was thinking do them smaller. Will be trying the next time around.