Friday, April 25, 2014

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I Straightened My Hair

After my success with curlformers,  I decided to keep it going and see what other styles I can achieve. It started out good.. then it got ugly.. and turned out to be amazing. I did my normal wash day routine and used the same styling foam….

Top Photo: I used the EZ Grip rollers that I got from Sally's a few years back and it was a huge mistake. 

-they grip on easily to the hair without using any clips
-my hair drying time was super fast

-I had some breakage, even when I was being careful I still ended up losing a few strands of hair. Personally, it's not natural hair friendly. I will not be using them EVER again.

Bottom Photo: My hair after I flat ironed using grapeseed oil as my heat protectant. I also did the chasing comb method. 

I was a little disappointed but again I got creative and ended up loving the style.

After I was done flat ironing I went and got rollers that I should've used the first time around. I mixed them up because I know they each give different results. Both will smooth out my ends. But,

Purple Rollers: I love the soft curl patterns that it gives but not enough volume
Green Rollers: I love the volume that it gives but not enough soft curl patterns

After I took out the rollers and raked it into shape

I did some trimming along the way

Black hair CAN grow. Take care of the hair you have and I guarantee you will get the results you are looking for. When my hair was relaxed it stayed at one length. Once I returned to natural it keeps growing and growing and growing and…..

Next up: Bantu Knots


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