Monday, March 17, 2014

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It Started With My Hair

I know I don't blog much about my hair. Shame on me because it's one of the reasons I started this blog back in 2010. But, I knew I wanted to blog beyond natural hair. I will try to post more about my hair. Keyword: "try". I put together a collage (working on being better at it) and took a stroll down memory lane.

2006- I stopped relaxing my hair and pretty much stopped going to the salon a few years prior. But I was clueless (hence the name of my blog) on how to take care of my hair. I learned how to sew-in my own hair. After years of going to the salon I picked up on a few things (you know sitting there for hours after being overbooked waiting for my turn) and I thought I can do that.

2009- I returned to natural. I embraced my nappy hair. Yes, my hair is nappy but if you say it like Don Imus, I'm throwing a chair at you. I remember jumping in and out of the pool that year. It was very liberating not to be so concerned with my hair. I didn't do a big chop there really wasn't a need to. I just mini-chopped the relaxed ends.

I've tried so many hair products. At first it was fun and exciting then it became frustrating and expensive. The trials and errors was all worth it because I finally found what works for my hair. These two are my faves: Aloe Vera Custard and Henntonite

2010- I was this close to going back to the creamy crack. I knew I would have a lot of regrets if I did. So, I braided my hair to keep from doing so. Google, AOL, and Yahoo were my BFF at that time. I kept reading blogs, watching youtube videos, lurking on forums, and so on. I got as much info as I needed and I didn't relax my hair. That year was the last time my hair was braided. I had to learn to love my hair and embrace it no matter how frustrated I got. The frustration was only temporary until I knew how to find what works.

2014- It's been quite a journey. This summer will be 5 years since I returned to natural. I just wish I was better at chronicling my hair journey.

I can proudly say that I graduated from YouTube University and interned at Twitter and now I'm the founder of this blog. LOL! Social media has played a huge role in my natural hair journey. Thanks to all the naturals around the world. We started a movement and are empowering one another. I am so proud to be a member of the natural hair community. Returning to natural has given me the courage to be my true awesome self.

The journey STILL continues…..


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