Sunday, March 9, 2014


CluelessCurl Giveaway

It's giveaway time. 

Here are the details of the giveaway:

This giveaway is open to those who live in the United States and Canada

Starting March 9, 2014 and ending March 22, 2014

What I'm giving away:

- $10 Gift Card to Panera Bread. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner is on me

-Yoga Ball. It comes with a DVD, workout chart, and pump. Yoga is one of my favorite form of exercise. I do it almost daily but all I do is use the ball as a chair. Check out some of my poses here

-Trader Joe's Conditioner's -Nourish Spa and Tea Tree Tingle. Love these conditioners, I just can't choose one

-Candied Ginger Lip Balm. I'm still going strong with this lip balm. I did a review here

- A natural ingredients dictionary (not pictured)

*I am also giving away 3 barely used Obsessive Compulsive lip tars that I did a review on here. They are almost full because I rarely used them. I tried once or twice and didn't like them. I'm ONLY giving away Pretty Boy, Kava Kava, and Iced. They are in tubes so they never touched my lips. I thought it would be better to give away to someone who might want them. If you want them let me know in the comments section of THIS POST ONLY.*

There are two ways to enter

-You MUST follow me on twitter @CluelessCurl and in the comments section of THIS POST ONLY let me know that you are following by saying "I'm following CluelessCurl" OR "I'm already following CluelessCurl" AND enter your twitter handle AND if you want the lip tars included with the six giveaway items.


-You MUST be a follower of this blog, and in the comments section of THIS POST ONLY let me know by saying "I'm already a follower" OR "I just followed your blog" AND if you want the lip tars included with the six giveaway items.

**BONUS- You can increase your chances to win (not promising that you will) by doing both following me on twitter and following my blog and have two separate comments using the above format in the comments section of THIS POST ONLY**

*It makes it easier for me to keep track so please, please follow this format*

One lucky winner will be chosen for this giveaway. Winner will be announced March 24, 1014. I will be using to help me pick a winner. Good luck!

 Thank You


  1. I'm following you on twitter @TrueLifeDiva1. If I win I would love the lip tars too :-)

  2. I just followed your blog and your twitter :-). Aside from entering the giveaway, I like your blog a lot. Keep up the good work!

  3. I'm following you on twitter. Jesus you know my twitter name. MzCertified239 I think

  4. I am now following your blog.

  5. I follow you on Twitter @LovesSunnyDays

  6. just followed you on twitter :) #followback : @UrDreemGirl the lip tars would b a kool add-on

    1. OH and check out my hair blog! :)

      -Fellow NHBD member