Saturday, February 1, 2014

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1 Month- No Meat (But Seafood) Challenge

This year, (after procrastinating for so long) I'm starting my transition to being a pescetarian. But before I go that route, I thought about doing a 30 day No Meat Challenge. I already gave up beef and pork. Now, I'm "thinking" of giving up chicken and turkey.

Defining Different Strokes helped me to understand the different ways people are practicing a healthy diet.

I will be trying new dishes as well as recipes that are already keepers in my meatless dish category.

I will post weekly updates on what I've been eating. Mainly, for dinner. Breakfast for me is mostly smoothies it keeps me full so I'm not doing a lot of mindless snacking. Lunch, is mostly dinner from the night before.

Why am I doing this challenge? 

For some it's a moral/ethical decision. Others, health reasons. Everyone has their own reasons for doing so. For me, it was watching videos and reading articles about how that meat got on my plate. It rubbed me the wrong way. I'm not a hardcore animal lover nor do I have any pets (yet) I was just disgusted with the way they were being treated.

I teamed up with Shelly of Glam Natural Life, she too is embarking on a No Meat Challenge. We will support and motivate each other and share recipes on each other's blog. I''m so excited to be teaming up with like minded people. Thanks for the support!

Who wants to join us? 

Here's a fun list about what happens when you don't eat meat.

*looks at calendar* Aww man... there's only 28 days in February :)

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, dietician, or health expert.


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