Monday, January 13, 2014

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Thrifty Finds- Workout Gear

It is thrifty to prepare today for the wants of tomorrow

I finally updated my workout clothes. I needed an upgrade super bad but, I waited and waited till I found what I was looking for. I recently took advantage of sales that were going on after the holidays. I budgeted $100.

First up! I went to The Sports Authority with a $10 off coupon ($50 dollar purchase required) in hand. It was my first time shopping there. Thank the coupon for that. Anyways, I found these- Nike Flex Experience Run 2. These running shoes are very comfortable and lightweight. It's almost like I'm barefoot. I got them a size bigger than normal. Only because I want to run smart and not have any injuries or blisters when running. 

The smaller size I tried just didn't fit right. I wasn't able to play the piano with my toes. I knew I had to up the size. They were on sale for $55. Regular price was $65. I used my coupon which brought it down to $45. Oh! plus tax can't forget Uncle Sam. 

As of this post I really have nothing negative to say about these running shoes. I would recommend to anyone looking for running shoes. I will definitely buy another pair in a different color. 

Next up, I hit the mall and went to Aeropostle. Again, my first time shopping there because I had a $10 off coupon ($40 purchase required) in hand. Those who know me, knows I love bargain shopping and coupons. I'm (no longer) not an impulse buyer. 

I went straight to the clearance rack, and I found these beautiful graphic capri/cropped (whatever they are called nowadays) leggings. Regular price was $44.50. Got them on clearance for $10.

The sports bra was on clearance for $6.99

What I also love about these leggings is that it has a zippered back pocket so that I can put my dinosaur nano in.

I also got two basic cami's that were on sale. They had multiple colors and I got crazy lime and blue camo. Clearance price $7 each. Regular price was $16.50

Last but not least, Waistband Bootcut Yoga Pants. Very comfortable and fits perfectly. Clearance price $10. Regular price $39.50

Now I can look like someone who takes working out seriously. Knowing the only thing getting a workout are my popcorn stained hands when I log in here to goof off. 

And a one... And a two... And a CLICK, CLICK, CLICK

Off to go run. Now where's that path again???




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