Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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DIY- Fragrance Body Oil

 I found this recipe while getting my daily fix and just had to try it out. I used what I had on hand and made an interesting scent.

These were the oils of my choice

Aromatherapy Benefits: calming, visualizing, meditative

Aromatherapy Benefits: soothing, relaxing, healing

Aromatherapy Benefits: clarifying, invigorating

Aromatherapy Benefits: calming, comforting, balancing

-I mixed 20 drops of each oil with a carrier oil (coconut oil was my preference)
-I reused an old AVG bottle to store 
- Don't fill up all the way; leave some space to shaky shaky
- Let it sit overnight and it's ready to be used


It has a nice natural scent that's not overpowering like some commercial products. It's hard to describe but it's not too floral, earthy, or woodsy scented. It just has a good balance of them. I just wish it lasted all day though.


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