Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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My Hair Style Challenge

Since returning to natural 4 years ago, the only style I know how to do is flat twist or put it in a bun. I want to challenge myself and start doing different styles. I admit, I'm style challenged. Not just with my hair, but with fashion, make-up, etc. But when it comes to trying/cooking new foods. Watch out there now!!!

Revisiting the salon definitely is not on my agenda. As long as there's websites and youtube videos dedicated to teaching about natural hair, I'll be using that platform as my stylist.

I've been accessorizing my bun...

using scarves for my flat twist outs...

I recently used my curlformers that I haven't used in years. I first bought them when I was wearing weaves. I was using them like there was no tomorrow. It was an easy route than using the flat iron. Youtube wasn't what it is now to have helped me back then. When I say I'm challenged, I mean it. I couldn't curl my hair (or in that case weave) to save my life.

Don't laugh at my Curlformers. There's a reason why they look like that. 

I used my aloe vera custard. This time I used Trader Joe's AVG
Nothing against the one I used before, Trader Joe's is just cheaper

I pulled out my soft bonnet 

This was the finished look. The results came out better than I expected. One section was a little more frizzy than the other. Overall, it was ok. The style didn't survive tho, before the week was over it was up in a bun. Next up, flexi rods


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