Wednesday, September 4, 2013

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Clueless Salmon Burgers

-seasoned salt
-garlic salt
-1 egg
-plain yogurt
-lemon juice
-can of salmon
-bread crumbs

CONDIMENTS (optional)
JalapeƱo Ranch DressingAvocado Salsa, and Cheese of your choice

This is the bread crumbs I used

Drain the salmon, remove the skin and bones (although they are edible I just didn't want them in mines), mix all the ingredients together in a bowl

Shape to desired size, one can makes 8-10 patties depending on how small or big you make them

I used my grill to cook the patties

Almost done

Instead of regular buns, I used whole wheat sandwich thins

I topped it with the condiments and tore that ish up


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