Saturday, August 24, 2013

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These Products Are Owned By Who?

I was joking to myself the other day wondering who owns such and such? Major corporations? Nah, maybe one or two. As I was researching I no longer had a smile on my face. The more I found out who was owned by who, the more I wanted to make/grow my own products. I quickly found that MOST are owned by major corporations.

Most of these companies were sold way before I started this journey. So, I don't know what the taste, feel, smell was like. But reading and researching tells me a lot of informed natural health consumers can tell that changes were made once the corporations bought these companies. I'm not surprised if they did.  

                                                          Take a look at who owns….

 Danone (Dannon Yogurt')


Also Kellog's


General Mills

So basically if you see these natural products in big box stores or anywhere else other than a natural food store then it's most likely owned by a major corporation. It's a never ending list not just with food but other products as well.

Here I am thinking my money is going to a company that I trust is giving me the best quality ingredients so that I don't have to worry about toxic ingredients. Wrong! It's going right back to the same companies I'm trying to avoid giving my money to. Call me paranoid. But I think there's a link with the foods made by these corporations that is making us sick on purpose. Then our health insurance goes up and my blood pressure too. 

While were on the subject of being lied to. If you're someone who regularly buys bottled thinking you're paying and getting some "quality high-end better tasting water". Guess what? Most bottled water IS tap water. Here's my post on that.  

                                          The journey still continues, I won't let this discourage me.

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