Sunday, August 11, 2013


Product Review-I Got A New Blender!

I finally got a new vitamix blender. The $20 one I had for years couldn't handle my love for blending (just about anything) anymore. It warned me when it started making funny noises that I ignored. It smelled funny too like something was burning. Just one more time, one more time and I'll leave you alone. How about low speed this time?

Before buying, I researched what was out there and Vitmaix is the top of the line blender to have. I don't have top of the line money. I just couldn't bring myself to click on the complete your order button. I just can not. So, instead of another $20 blender, I bought a $30 Farberware glass jar, 10-Speed Pre-Programed Settings, stainless steel base, with LED touchpad controls blender.

I wasted no time using it. The first thing I made was my Jalapeño Ranch Dressing

I also made another salad dressing for the kale I love to eat. I normally just wisk it. But y'all know how it is when you get something new. I added a new addition to that recipe. The broth from my seafood boil. I was saving it for shrimp pasta when I had a light bulb moment. 

*fingers crossed* Whew! It came out better than expected. Yummy!!! It will also double as marinade. 

Last but not least, the most important reason for a new blender is my smoothies. It's my breakfast in the morning before going to work. And pre/post workout drink. I was thinking about getting a juicer but  it looked like too much cleaning was involved. I thought I really don't  need all these fancy equipment. I have an all in one where I can make soups, smoothies, dressings, and more.

I'm going to be trying/making more smoothies and post the recipes. Check out two of my favorites here and here.

-Priced right for me cause the budget is tight (It retails for about $60- over $100)
-It's a beauty it looks like an item you just want to use as decor
-It's powerful this is the kind of blender you have to have the lid on
-Super easy to clean

-I didn't see a difference with the settings, I can use the soup setting to make smoothies and vice versa
-The LED lighting stayed on even when it was off so I just unplugged it
-The lid is a pain in the sometimes so I don't close it all the way


  1. pineapple and kale...mmm!
    hooray for your new blender!