Saturday, August 31, 2013

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Eating Right When The Budget Is Tight

When the budget is tight you can still enjoy a healthy meal. It's not always easy but IS possible to do.

Buying fresh this, fresh that can be expensive. I try as much as I can to go to the farmer's market but the one closet to me only runs when it's snowbird season. There's also another one but it's on the other side of town and runs on days that I can't make it. How rude!

Shopping at Whole Paycheck Foods ain't happening. Most of the time when I do shop there I end up getting non-food items. I shop at my local grocery store, Target, and small natural food store. I take advantage (as much as I can) of BOGO, seasonal items, coupons, etc....

I buy what I need and plan my day, week, month accordingly. What I buy is not always organic. As long as the ingredients are all natural and I can read them. I'm throwing them in my cart.

Sometimes I get it fresh sometimes not

 I cook these with quinoa and side of avocado as part of Meatless Monday's

I'm going to make salmon burgers

The only thing about eating from the can (some) is BPA, nutritional value, taste, texture, etc...
But, it last longer than fresh. I take what works for me and leave the rest. 

Below are other shenanigans that have helped me to get more bang for my buck and still eat healthy 

I took advantage of mangos that were on sale. This is mango, kiwi, and pineapple that I cut up. I put them in a ziplock bag and store in the freezer. This is what I use to make mango-kiwi smoothie. It's hard finding a tropical mix that I like. So, I took the DIY route and made my own.

-I've reduce my meat eating consumption. I'm leaning towards being a pescetarian. I realized every meal I eat doesn't need to be paired up with meats.

 -Freeze bread (whole grain is better) in the freezer so that they won't go bad. I take out what I need for the week and store the rest.

-Substitute plain yogurt for sour cream. Whatever you use sour cream for you can't tell the difference. Try it!

-Substitute avocado for mayo. It's a good fat that's healthier and taste just as good.

-Banana's are usually inexpensive to by than apples and oranges. I buy it more and use it a lot when making smoothies.

-Make soup, another part of Meatless Mondays. Black Bean Soup is my favorite. I soak them overnight it helps to cook faster. I add potatoes and dumplings to it and it's the best tasting soup ever!!


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