Sunday, August 18, 2013


DIY- Basic Car Maintenance

I recently was having minor issues with my car. Thank goodness minor didn't become major. I went to the dealership to "try" and help me with this minor problem. I knew exactly what the issue was and told the so called "advisor". But he had other plans, that plan involved $$$. He wanted to run some stupid diagnostic test to make sure everything else was running smoothly. 

Jesus was a fence around me that day. I seriously wanted to put my foot up his a$$. 

I went elsewhere and was able to have someone LISTEN to me. I decided to have that shop fix that issue. I was ok with the price, it was way better than the dealer and other places I've called/visited. While there I was able to peek at what they were doing. Something just came over me like I can do that. Not what the mechanic was doing (I really needed a mechanic for that) but simple preventive maintenance. I remember taking a car maintenance class and it hit me like a ton of bricks. 

When the brake lights went out on my car. Guess who replaced it? Me! I went online and found a website dedicated to the kind of car I drive. They had a forum where I can find answers to my ?'s. I went to the auto parts store, paid $5 for replacement bulbs and did it myself. 

The old brake lightbulb that was replaced

I live in the desert FL and we NEED our AC when driving. My AC was acting funny and I dang sure wasn't going to the dealer. Again, I went online and to see how I can get it done. I was going to buy a brand new filter. But there was no need to. As soon as I pulled the filter out there was a bunch of debris (leaves, tree branches, hair, french fries, etc...) that came out with it. All I had to do was clean it and the AC was back to normal again.

Cleaned out AC filter

I also changed my windshield wiper. I couldn't believe how easy it was to remove and replace. I didn't even think about the dealer. Auto parts store here I come.

It was an easy to install click on wiper

Tips I've learned along the way

-Don't go to the dealership. They don't listen. All they do is elevate my blood pressure. They always seem to find "another" problem than what you were there for. 

-The owner's manual is a trip. While reading to get some tips and advice. It always started off with check with your nearest dealer before doing this, this, and that. That's codeword for come see us so we can rip you off. I take what I can and leave the rest.

-Don't ignore the warning lights. Know and understand how your car works. It's an investment take care of it.

-Don't be afraid to ask ?'s. Don't be intimidated with "scare tactics". When I needed new tires I was told to get this brand (it was more expensive) because it's safer than the one I wanted. It had me thinking, so you sell unsafe tires? 

I'm not a car expert. I'm sharing my knowledge through research, experience, trials and errors. 


  1. Good on you for being resourceful and deciding to find the info you need to do it yourself. Getting those repairs and replacement parts can be quite costly, but simple maintenance can save you a lot of trouble. I would still recommend getting a diagnostic done though, so you can ensure that everything is running smoothly.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I will research more on the diagnostic so I can be prepared next time.