Monday, July 1, 2013

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Product Review- Dual Wick Soy Candles

I bought this candle via Home Goods. I've heard a lot about soy candles and wanted to give one a try. The price was within my budget. I found a 20 oz. called Fresh and Fruity from Northern Lights Candles

Product Description: Luma Soy Candles are soothing and subtle. These soy wax candles are clean burning and eco friendly. Also made in the USA

PROS- The smell is what prompted me to buy it. It really does have a subtle and soothing smell. The kind of smell that easily put's you to sleep. I also love the design of the pretty glass vase it came in.

CONS-Being that it's dual wick, I thought the smell would disperse throughout my place but it didn't. The only time I smell it is when my nose is literally right under it. I get better results with one wick non soy candles. I didn't go to sleep I had one eye open waiting for it to put me to sleep.

There is a bright side- Once I'm done burning this I will reuse the vase for a DIY floral arrangement.


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