Monday, June 17, 2013

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Length, Check It Out Too

The photo on the left was my first length check I did back in September 2011. It was a little past my collar bone. The one on the right is most recent. It is way past my collar bone now. My hair is also thicker than before. Thickness is my goal. I'm working on my edges and that's a whole 'nother post.

The photo on the left was taken around late 2010. My bangs were past my eyebrows just slightly touching my eyelids. The one on the right is most recent. I parted a small section of hair that almost covered my entire face. It was almost touching my chin. I trimmed it a bit. I flat ironed it with olive oil as my heat protectant. I also used the chasing comb method to get this sleek look.

I look a little creepy in this pic but this is my shock, surprised, I ain't got time to flat iron all this hair face. 

 Thanks to..... 

-Eating a junk food healthy diet and drinking lots of water
-I started taking vitamins
-My new hair staple

My hair is healthy and stronger than it's ever been. It's true black hair CAN grow. I still haven't found the person who said it can't. I owe them a poke in the eye.


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