Sunday, May 5, 2013


Farm Raised VS Wild Caught

Hmmm... something fishy is going on here. Can you tell which is which? What's the difference between the two? Why is one better than the other?

My first thought was... Ay dios mio, How can you raise fish on a farm??? 

FARM RAISED- fish that are born and raised/controlled in specially designed water tanks. They are fed a bunch of crap that most likely contain pesticides, herbicides, GMO's and more. Also they are/have:

-more fat
-low level of protein
-artificial coloring
-cheaper to buy

Ok, yo comprende


WILD CAUGHT- fish that are born in fresh water then migrate to the ocean. They find their own food in the wild. Their diet consist of shellfish or crustaceans. Eating that gives them their beautiful pink color naturally. They are/have:

-less fat
-higher levels of Omega 3's
-low levels of PCB
-more expensive to buy

Salmon is one of my favorite fish to eat. Well, as of now it's the only type of fish I eat. I wanted to look into the difference, just didn't have the time 'til now. Or maybe I just didn't want to know because what I buy is farm raised. Keeping it real, I can't afford to buy wild caught all the time.

I guessed wrong

The one on the left is Wild Caught and the one on the right is Farm Raised. I thought the one on the left was farm raised because of the color. 

The one on the right "seemed" more natural to me because of it's color. Also, it has more fat because of the large streaks on it. 

My goodness, Why can't they just let nature be?