Sunday, March 3, 2013

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Clueless In Makeup

Millions of women are using products that are made for us but at the same time causing us harm. After  I featured Misha as part of my recurring Green Light Features. I started to look into the kind of cosmetics I was using. I know, I still have a long way to go. Just like what I put inside my body is important, what I put on the outside is also important. There's a few that I slowly refuse to give up and A LOT I could care less for. Personally, some cult beauty products are not really worth it. I should know, I was a die hard fan of some. 

There was one brand that I was using faithfully because it was a cult following. A make-up powerhouse for women of color. I was buying err'thang in that line. Never mind the fact that my skin was irritated by it. I love the coverage it would give me but by the end of the day I wanted to scratch my face off. I was looking like a soul food cook. I finally listened to what my skin was telling me and kicked that brand to the curb. 

I started hearing a lot of buzz about this mineral make-up brand that sparked my interest. I tried it and never looked back.

Bare Minerals

This brand has been around since the 70's. From what I've read so far mineral make-up can last forever. I don't have to keep replacing it every month or two. Less is more. The price is worth it but they need to stop raising it fo' I find something else. I just purchased their matted version of the original. I'm not really a fan of it, had me looking a little ashy. So, I decided to mix it with the small amount of original that was left.


E.L.F seems to have one of the best steals when it comes to what I'm looking for. They have reasonable prices and use natural ingredients for most of their products. These mineral eyeshadows are not bad. They can be a little messy though. Again, less is more. I tried both and sassy is my favorite.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

I wanted to try something new when it comes to lipstick. Sephora is now selling in store and online. Since I'm a brick and mortar type I went in store. I normally wouldn't purchase because of the price. After reading the reviews and doing the math it was worth to try.

The set was $49.00 which came with a lip brush and a clear pouch. I later reused that pouch to store all my lip stuff. One tube by itself is $18.00, made sense to get the set. It was my Birthday and I decided to get it as a present to myself.

Colors from left to right:

PRETTY BOY, KAVA KAVA, ICED, HOOCHIE(who comes up with these names), LYDIA

-The colors are beautiful
-Cruelty Free
-100% Vegan
-The tubes looks like it will give a ton of usage without having to restock 

-Did not leave my lips moisturized, even with my lip balm over and under it
-I felt like I was painting my lips. Smudge everywhere. I just couldn't get that brush to help a sista out.

Overall, I don't hate this product I just need to play around with them. If I put on too little I have to put more because it's not enough. So I go to put on more and guess what it's too much. Then I have to start all over. I even mixed them all together (small amounts of each) and still didn't like it. 


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