Sunday, March 10, 2013


Book Review- Natural Care for Curls and Kinks

I was sent a copy of an e-book Natural Care For Curls and Kinks to read and review from Todra.  A former celebrity make-up artist turned beauty expert. She is passionate about teaching and educating women the need to embrace using natural, non-toxic, and organic products. Her site The Healthy Beauty Project is also a professional how-to site with articles and videos. Highlighting the natural, healthy, and beneficial use of make-up, hair, and skin care products without harsh chemicals.

I know, I know before you start rolling your eyes and say not another natural hair book. Check out what she had to say. 

The book is meant for all different women with curly hair, hence the different women on the cover. My goal was to create something that works for my Healthy Beauty Product readership, which is very mixed. And to provide a guide to natural products and techniques, not products filled with toxins and carcinogens. I'd not seen anything on the market that specifically addressed these issues.

There are so many fake "natural" products that contain harmful ingredients. Some women who are choosing to wear their hair chemical-free are being tricked into putting nasty chemicals on their curls to maintain them. I hope to give them solid information so they can make mindful choices. I hope even women who've been natural for a while learn something new from it.

I like the realness of the book. She's telling it like it is from her own 10 year experience of being in the industry. The e-book contains live links to other websites. She talks about the sneaky tricks companies use just to get your $$$. Simple DIY recipes and more. I also like a link she provided where she talks about her journey and how she got started.

The book is a good read and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about embracing a more natural and healthy approach to taking care of their hair.

Todra, The author of the book

Disclaimer: I was sent a complimentary copy to review. Opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Oh! I totally want to check this out! I love that she talks about green washing. thanks for sharing the word about this book.

    1. No prob I'm happy to share hope you enjoy it