Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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Book Review- Better Than Good Hair

 So CurlyNikki wrote her first book that is a natural hair bible. I went to Barnes & Noble to pick up my copy of this book. At first I thought I was going to have to place an order for the book. I did not see it where they normally have a section for new books. I went to the kiosk desk where I typed in Better Than Good Hair then hit enter.

The pop-up said that the book was in stock and was in the Health and Beauty aisle. YEEESSSSS!!!!! I ran to that section looking for it. Hmmm.... the book wasn't there. I went back to the  kiosk again to double check the right section was given. Yeap, Health and Beauty aisle. This time I went up and down the aisle carefully browsing back and forth. Nothing. Frustrated, I proceeded to walk over to the customer service desk. As I was approaching the desk I saw a table that had several books on it. And what do you know. Nikki was playing hide and seek on me. ;)

Umm... can y'all move this table to the front door. I started to move it myself but I didn't want to start any trouble. Anyways, I picked up two. One to keep for a handy quick reference. Highlighting, sticky note tabbing, and folding the pages. That's how I roll. The other I donated to my local library.

I have to say this book is a mirror image of her blog. As always Nikki will have you chuckling and running out to the beauty store or online and try that new technique, style, product she just posted. It's very well written and breaks down some of the lingo that some of us gets confused with. My favorite part of the book is Kim Wayans foreword and chapter three: The Terrible Two's. It talks about how all of a sudden your hair wants to be disrespectful. I can so relate because I almost gave up saying eff this natural hair sh*t.

I've been natural 3 years and wish this book was out while I was transitioning. I frequent her site daily and I'm also on the forums. I bought this book to show my appreciation for an amazing website that helped me greatly along my journey. It's a must have for beginners and friendly reference guide for veteran naturals.

Congratulations Nikki, You're the best hairdresser I ever had!!!


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