Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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Abs Are Made In The Kitchen


Who wants a six-pack? No, not beer. You know the flat, toned, washboard abs that we drool over.  A new year is upon us and guess what we'll be seeing a lot of. Yeap, another "IT" product being endorsed by someone with the abs we've been dreaming about. I'm not falling for that again.

I went through a lot of trail and errors 'til I finally learned the truth. When I heard Abs are made in the kitchen it really made me think. You know we all have six-pack abs. It's just hidden behind all the fat. The key to making them visible is in the kitchen not the gym. It doesn't matter how many crunches you do if you don't have healthy eating habits the crunches mean nothing.

I think it's a crime not to indulge but do it in moderation. I know there's something about those artery cloggers. But put them down and start eating foods like this.....

AVOCADO- This is a salsa I made with tomato, parsley, seasoned salt, lemon juice, and grapeseed oil.  I used it as a substitute when I made a turkey sandwich. Instead of using mayo I used the salsa and it was delicious.

YOGURT- Not only is this great for making smoothies. You can also use as food substitutes. Instead of using sour cream for my baked potatoes I use plain yogurt. Trust me you can't tell the difference.

PEANUT BUTTER- I fell in love with this all over again. I tried different brands but this one right here is the TRUFF!!! All natural and creamy. *Singing* Peanut butta jelly, Peanut butta jelly, Peanut butta jelly with the baseball bat.

BLACK BEAN SOUP- It's inexpensive and super easy to make. So many different ways to make. I made some with potatoes mixed in and it was the   

EGGS- They are not just for breakfast anymore. You can eat for lunch, dinner, and even snack. Check out some recipes here and here.

SALMON- Hands down one of my favorite things to eat. Packed with Omega-3 (a good fat) which is  also great for hair, skin, nails, healthy heart, and so much more. If you are not hooked on this you can try just about any other seafood.

I want to be ready for 'kini season. Kelly is my Motivation. Just as soon as I put down this bisciut I'll be on my way. *Picks up another biscuit to eat*


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