Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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The Language of Running

I just got through learning the natural hair lingo. Now it's learning the language of running. While in Miami I noticed a few things. I wanted to asked but didn't want to get the side eye. So I kept the peace. ;) As I was browsing through the race program my ?'s were answered. I was like ooooohhhhhh so that's what that means. If you've always wanted to know what the heck runner's be talkin' bout. Check out these sites here and here.

Below are a few words that I'll be adding to my vocabulary so next time I won't be a dear in headlights.

Bandit- A runner who runs without an official number

Bonk- To run out of energy or "hit the wall" in a race or workout. (I've heard of "hit the wall" before but not bonk until now)

Draft- Running behind another runner to let them break the wind resistance.

Fartlek- A Swedish word that means "speed play." One runner picks up the pace and everyone else tries to keep up.

Master- A runner over the age of 40

Rabbit- A runner who purposely goes out to set a fast pace in a race, often dropping out before the finish.

Common Race Distances:
3.1 miles = 5k (5 kilometers)
13.1 miles = Half Marathon (21.1 kilometers)
26.2 miles = Marathon (42.2 kilometers)

Interesting Info:
According to legend, after the Greeks were victorious over the Persians at the Battle of Marathon, they sent a runner to Athens with the news. The runner, Pheidippides, ran the entire distance to Athens without stopping, announced the victory, and then dropped dead, due to the physical stress on his body caused by the long run.


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