Thursday, January 5, 2012

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Moderation Is Key

LOL at that pic uh..... I need more than that

If you eat to much of this there's a problem, If you don't eat enough of that still a problem. At one point I could care less. I'm going to eat what I want when I want and I'll be OK. Yeah, that didn't last very long.

Green tea was one of  those things I was having too much of. There was alot of buzz about the many health benefits of drinking tea but I was overdoing it. Soon my eyes started twitching really bad. So, I had to reduce my tea drinking. My eyes are back to normal. No more annoying twitch.

*I have a new drink that I'm trying and will share in a future post.*

I can eat chocolate all day everyday. But, when my tummy started to look some kinda way. Hmm.... how'd that happen???

What is up with this

OK, I get it. It's not a crime to have treats or eat what you like but do it in moderation. Moderation, me and you are going to have some serious issues. I can't win.


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