Monday, October 10, 2011

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Finding A Cure VS Preventing It

Most of us already know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The color pink is just about everywhere. Specially marked packages saying a portion of the proceeds will go to fund breast cancer research. OK, I'm all for finding a "cure" but something wasn't right about these specially marked packages. You know how I hate  love reading labels.

One of those specially marked packages was a product that I use to buy. I ditch that product because it had ingredients that I'm trying to avoid. Some of the listed ingredients are known carcinogens. I thought to myself, wouldn't it make sense for them to make products without toxic ingredients? If they did, there would be no need to find a cure. After reading this article, prevention just made alot of sense to me.

The same companies talking 'bout finding a "cure" are the ones making products with toxic ingredients. You mean to tell me after all these years, there's no cure? Here's a little secret, well it's not really a secret but there's no money to be made when everyone is healthy. Let that sink in and throw those specially marked packages back on the shelf.


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