Thursday, August 4, 2011


Stress Relieving Games

Ignore the yellow sudoku numbers, Y'all know how it is when stuff goes missing.

If I hear can we play Mancala one more time... I'm going to lose it. Just kidding I like this game, no I loooove this game. This game is known to be one of the oldest game in the world. It's widely popular in the entire continent of Africa where it originated. There's so many ways to play.

My two favorite is clear sides and most marbles or in my case sudoku numbers too. It's a fun game to play and it can help relieve stress.

What kind of games do you play to relieve stress?


  1. How do you play this game and where do you buy it? Just about any game is a stress reliever for me:)

  2. I got it at Goodwill for a buck if you google it or go on youtube you'll find out how to play

  3. I found mancala at my goodwill,yay!

  4. That's great now we can play but don't beat me lol :)