Monday, August 22, 2011

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Manicure and Pedicure Safety

I'm finally getting the hang of doing my own mani and pedi. That wasn't the case back in the day. I use to get my nails done every two weeks. Who doesn't love being pampered? You couldn't tell me nothing with my french tip acrylic nails.Wearing them gave me the Hollywood look. But, after getting them done for awhile they were starting to look unhealthy. That didn't mean a thing to me because I was sitting through the drilling and clipping. I hated that part and I knew that's what caused my nails to go weak. One time the technician drilled right through my skin, I almost told her about herself. My nails were in so much pain after that I think it was an infection. And guess what, I was back at it two weeks later getting them re-done.

It wasn't until I had THE experience that I finally left that ish alone. One day my real nails and the acrylic nails came off. OUCH!!! I think I hit my nails against the wall or picking something up when it happened. The sight of my nails wasn't looking like Hollywood so I won't go into the nasty details. No matter how pretty my nails looked with acrylics on, my natural nails were suffering underneath. I wanted my real nails back but didn't know how to nurse it back to health.

Going natural has helped my nails get back to health. My hands are in some kind of oils(coconut, grapeseed, and OCM mix) almost daily. Drinking water, taking fish oil supplements, and eating right has made my nails sharp as knives and strong as nails. I have to be very careful when scratching and keep filing them down. It's funny how I wanted them long now I love them short.


For those who enjoy getting a mani and pedi make sure they are properly sterilizing their tools and don't have your cuticles removed it can lead to infections.


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