Friday, August 26, 2011

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Getting Back To Healthy Hair

I'm taking a look back from the beginning to now to see where I am. Before and after I went natural, I made alot of mistakes with my hair. It's been two years since I went natural. The first year was spent joining bandwagons, buying millions of products, and not giving them enough time to work because I wanted immediate results. I had to break those habits if I wanted to achieve a healthy head of hair. Now I can control my PJ'ism, no more bandwagons for me, and I keep my regimen simple.

I stopped relaxing my hair in 2006, but I made a new friend along the way. The flat iron. I was flat ironing the front part of my hair (almost daily) when I wore weaves. When I finally decided to embrace my curls something just didn't look right.

Today, no more funny looking texture. I eventually had to clip the ends in order for it to blend in with the rest of my hair.

Look closely, do you see something peeking out. Yeah, I had no patience with my hair. I knew it was growing and I was so anxious to see how long it had gotten. Instead of doing a lenght check I got the flat iron. I'm doing my thing and I hear sssshhhhh the sound of my hair being fried. Oh sh!t I knew what that sound meant. So, I put the flat iron away. 

I started to really take care of my hair. At first I went a little overboard by doing everything under the sun. I took good look at what I was doing and re-evaluated some things. I had to find a balance because I was wearing myself out. Now I found a regimen that works and I'm consistent with it. That consistency provided me with amazing results and no more hair peeking out.  

Urrghh!! I was following the rules of sealing those ends. But, for some reason I had no control over frizz until.....

I found a product that helped me combat frizz.


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