Friday, July 8, 2011

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Types of Salt


The history of salt goes back to cave men years. Wars have been fought over this widely used ingredient. Sodium Chloride is the scientific name of salt which is a mineral. It's the combination of sodium ion (40%) and chloride ion (60%). Ok, that's for enough science. *takes off lab coat*

When I think of salt I associate it with food. *put's on chef's hat* No other seasoning can take it's place. I'm pretty sure there's one in every household. It's essential for good health but as always too much of a good thing can cause health problems.

Did you know that salt has thousands of uses aside from cooking? From household to beauty salt can be used many different ways. There are also many different types of salt. Some I'm familiar with and some I've never heard of.

I use to wonder why I never saw "organic" salt. I soon found the answer. The USDA classifies salt as a mineral. Meaning it's not a living food like plants and live-stock.

 Let's take a look at what's hiding in my pantry.

Kosher Salt- Known as a gourmet salt. It is used by chef's around the world. I bought this to make a dish that I can't remember. I can't really taste this type of salt because it dissolves very fast. I find myself having to keep shaky shaky until I get my desired taste.

Sea Salt- Of all the salts this one is considered to be a healthier alternative. I hope it stays that way. The way the ocean is being more and more polluted who knows what can be found in it.

Seasoned Salt- A nice blend of herbs and spices when cooking. It gives my food that "oomph" flavor. This is one that is a must when I'm cooking. 

Interesting facts:

Salt is so essential to the body that if you drink too much water it can harm your body. Remember this story

Salt was king back then. It was rumored that Roman soldiers were paid in salt. Salarium is a latin word referring to money. Which is where the word salary comes from.

I know you northerners are thankful for salt during the winter season. It helps de-ice the roads to make driving conditions safe. I'm thankful I live in Florida.

Swimming in salt water regularly is beneficial to the skin. It helps to keep skin smooth and can also help with skin disorders like acne.


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