Friday, July 29, 2011


My Teeth.....

Are whiter than white. I've been experimenting and I'm loving the results. I'm using baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and a few drops of peppermint oil. Yes, I've ditched the toothpaste and only use those two products. Using hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash helps kill bacteria and viruses in the mouth.

Also, both these products are eco-friendly and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Here's a post I did on Baking Soda.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are that of my own. I am sharing my knowledge through my own research, experience, trails and errors.


  1. I made my own mouthwash with tea tree oil and I notice some whitening in my teeth also. It's so funny that companies put all of this crap into their toothpaste to "whiten" our teeth and all you need is a natural cleanser.

  2. Baking soda can be pretty useful for teeth whitening. The same can be said with strawberries. They can be useful in keeping your teeth white and shiny. But remember to keep them healthy as well! Too much teeth whitening can damage your teeth and gums, so remember to be careful with it.

  3. @Hubert Oh yes too much of a good thing can be bad don't you hate that thanks for stopping by