Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hair Treatments

There are so many ways to get healthy hair naturally without the use of harmful chemicals. I like to give my hair special treatments from time to time. I'll be sharing two of those treatments that have helped me nursed my hair back to health.

I henna my hair once a month. Thanks to CurlyNikki. I became a henna head about a year ago. My use of henna has helped my hair to become stronger, shinier, and gives it a natural highlight. The only thing I don't like is the messines. Even with all my preparedness of scattering newspapers and wearing gloves. I still manage to get something stained.

Henna Mix:
-Henna(I don't remember the name of the one I used got it from an indian store)
-1 tbsp Coconut Oil
-Green Tea
-1 tbsp Honey
-1/2 cup of conditioner(any one of your fave will do)

 The highlights and shine are clearly visible from my usage of henna.

This was my second time using bentonite clay on my hair. The first time I don't recall my results since I was horrible documenting my journey. I did this procedure like I would normally do my Dry Deep Conditioning. What I love about this is that it pulls double duty. I use it on my face to help with acne and keep it looking healthy.

Bentonite Clay Mix:
-Bentonite Clay(Aztec brand)
-Apple Cider Vinegar
-Green Tea(optional)
-Tea Tree Oil 2-3 drops(optional)

SN: The last three ingredients were already pre-made. They are a huge part of my skincare regimen. I use them as a facial toner and face mask. The face mask I add sugar and honey.

*Do not use metal utensils or bowls when mixing the clay the reaction will reduce the effect of the clay. You know how kryptonite is Superman's weakness. Yeah, that's the best way I know how to describe it. 

I noticed three things after washing this out of my hair. My hair was squeaky clean, shiny, and my curls were looser.

This is a twist I did in May after doing my henna treatment. There's a ton of shrinkage which is not a deal breaker for me.

My twist I re-did recently after using the bentonite treatment. There was no shrinkage after I did the twist.

The next day I unraveled one twist just to see what it looked like. I saw nothing but S curl patterns. Now I know what I'm working with when using bentonite clay.

I like the results of both treatments they each gave me different results that I'm happy with. I'll continue my monthly henna treatment and the bentonite I'll do on an as needed basis.

*Disclaimer- Please keep in mind that no two heads are the same. What may work for one may not work for the other even with the same hair type. I am sharing my knowledge through my own research, experience, trails, and errors.

What are you doing to your hair?


  1. I'm going to try the clay, the results on you are great! This is totally unrelated to the post, but today I was doing some shopping for natural makeups and I wanted to know what you use for lip balm. I've always used the (horrible) Chapstick lip balm. Lip balm with beeswax makes my lips peel so that eliminates most natural lip balms.

  2. Cool can't wait to hear about your results for lip balm I use bert's bees classic natural lip balm very moisturizing I love it HTH

  3. love love bentonite cleanses, makes my hair so soft...

  4. Hey kim
    How are you? How's everything in Japan?
    Yes, I loved the results of the bentonite

  5. I like bentonite clay for my hair, but I feel like it's more amazing on my skin. Do you put they clay on your hair when its dry or wet? I do damp and detangled, but I want to know if it'll make a difference if I change it up.

    1. I do it on dry/damp hair similar to what you mentioned. Hope that helps.