Monday, June 27, 2011

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Thrifty Summer Fun

I'm not cheap, just thrifty. Why pay full price when I don't have to. I'm looking for ways to have fun this summer without breaking the bank. I'll be doing alot of staycations 'cuz the rent is too damn high. Here's how I plan to have fun and get more bang for the buck.

Pool/Beach-  I'm getting my swim on this summer. Whoot Whoot!!! I just need to learn how to tread water. That ish is tiring.

Movies- Last year the local theater had FREE movies showing throughout the summer. This year they are charging a $1 fee. Which is still a good deal. So... I'll be taking advantage of that.

Library-  It's not only for checking out books. They have summer reading programs, special shows, and arts/crafts to make. 

Volunteering- It feels good giving back to the community. There's so many ways to volunteer. Check out your local food bank.




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