Thursday, April 28, 2011


Oyin Handmade- The Results

 I likey!!! My curls were frizz-free and very defined. There was some shrinkage but I really didn't care. They were poppin' like popcorn. I wore this style for 5 days. But, living in a state where it's summer 365 I knew I couldn't go without having to re-twist. I only had to re-twist twice using my spray bottle mixed with water, olive oil, and setting lotion. Then sealing my ends with the burnt sugar. The next day I untwisted and my curls were still defined. Looks like this clueless curl has found her holy grail (I think). I'm not going to get too happy. I don't want it to turn on me like the others.


  1. Love your results and their products are the bomb! Did you use shine and define?

  2. Yes I did use it thanks for stopping by