Friday, April 29, 2011

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Green Light- Bobbie

An eco-sista who says return the favor to Mother Earth

How long have you been eco-friendly? I'm still learning how to be a better "Pro Green" person so that I can lower my carbon footprint on our beautiful earth. I can say that I've always been a little eco-friendly even as a kid . I think I had a light bulb moment when I went back home (Bahamas; were my family is from) for a summer visit and volunteered at an organization that rescue  sea turtle and tortoise. I was about 14 and that was an experience. Most of the turtle were caught in fishing nest, hit by boats, or rescued from places that would kill them and sell them as meat. We rehabilitated them and the ones that were able to fend for them self we set them free. That summer sparked something for me and I've been hocked ever since. Now I do recycle, make most of my own hair and skins products, shop with reusable bags or eco-friendly bag. I'm a strong jar saver ( my motto is I can find good uses for these) lolz. And I don't use any water or electricity that I don't need. When I leave the house I unplug every thing ( my hubby hates this cause he has to reset the time for ever thing) lolz. But for the most  part I may not do as much as others but I try my best.

Why did you choose to be eco-friendly? I don't want to sound so much like a hippy but I would love for my great grandchildren children to still breath fresh air. And beside She ( earth ) has taken good care of us providing us with the necessity we need to live so why not return the favor and take care of her so that she can continue too.

What do you like about it? I like the fact that tomorrow Is starting to look brighter one less plastic at a time.

Did you face any challenges? If so, what was/is the biggest obstacle(s)? Not really , The only obstacle was getting my husband used to me unplugging everything in the house .He is almost fully "Pro Green"

Any tips/advice for someone looking to be more eco-friendly? Look for small ways you can make a difference.

Going green can be complex. This discourages a lot of people. There’s really no “right” way it’s basically trying to do something than nothing at all. I sometimes feel like a green hypocrite. Do you feel that way sometimes? YES!!!!! Sometimes its hard to explain to people why I get so aggressive when someone is just throwing trash on the ground and the recycle bin in two steps away, why I go to the beach and pick up trash lolz or why I have a coat closet filled with glass jars or even why its 98 degrees outside in the day and I only turn on the air at night. Some time I try to explain why I do what I do but many just never take it in to consideration.

You know I gotta ask, How long have you been natural and how do you keep it so FLY? I've been natural my whole life except for a relaxer I got as a preteen that lasted 24hr lolz( super on virgin hair ......not a good mix so I got what was left of it all cut off the next day), in high school I was known for my signature big Afros and puffs & could of cared less what any one had to say about it .I went though a straight/press fazed for 1 1/2 years and experience some heat damage and now I'm back to my puffs and fros that made me ....ME! Absorbing lots of info thanks to you guy! And shouting heat free is the was to be! I keep my hair a.k.a "curlitude ( curls with attitude)" fly by letting her be big and bossy as she can be its her personality.( even though she tens to shrink alot).And boy do she like to accessorize. Chunky twistsouts, bantu knots and her fav curly fros. She love to be fierce and looked at but she DOESN'T LIKE to be touched as much.

Is there anything you like to add? I am very thankful for this opportunity to be a part of this. Don't let others decide for you, stay true to your self. Check out my youtube channel      will be posting new videos very soon!


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