Sunday, April 17, 2011

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DIY- Easter Egg Dyes

Here's a creative idea! I did making my own egg dyes. Many people boil the eggs ahead of time and get to work decorating. In keeping up with the theme of being more eco-friendly, I didn't want to use toxic dyes or waste what was inside. I wanted to know how I can get what's on the inside and still be able to decorate the shell. Think,Think,Think.

I came up with a way to enjoy both. I gently poked a small hole on both ends of the egg shell. Then I blew out the yolk so I can make me some scrambled eggs. I was hungry y'all. :)

I used beets in order to achieve this color. I was hoping for a more deeper color but it came out nice. I like how it naturally designed itself.

My golden eggs using ground turmeric

For more ideas and colors check out this site.


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