Sunday, March 6, 2011

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I love me some yogurt. It's one of my ingredients when I make smoothies. I've noticed how some yogurt taste different than others. I've been reading the labels and saw some ingredients that were a no-no. It lead me to believe that not all yogurt is best to eat. The main ingredients should be milk and live cultures. Live cultures are known as a friendly bacteria. It helps boost your immune system and digestion. Some yogurts have too much sugar, artificial ingredients, and corn syrup in them. Stay away from those because they are just hanging around and really offer nothing. Look for the LAC(Live Active Cultures) seal  that appears on the label. I normally go for plain low-fat yogurt but it depends on your dietary needs. I then drizzle honey, sprinkle my crack (flax seed and wheat germ), and eat it. The best type of yogurt is Greek yogurt. It's thicker, low in sugar, and has a high protein content.


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