Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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I went to this event over the weekend and I'm glad I did. I'm ashamed to say all this time I've been living in Florida I have never heard of this place. I saw the word FREE and I was there. In keeping up with trying to be more eco-friendly. I went to see what it was all about. I see why I never knew about this place before it's like a secret paradise. Well, it's no secret no more I'm telling y'all about it. Warm Mineral Springs is known as one of the worlds top 10 healing waters in the world. It has 9 million gallons of warm water flowing everyday that's full of healing minerals. There's also a spa and a cafe that serves fresh organic foods. It's also home to the original fountain of youth sought by Ponce de Leon. So if you are looking for a natural wellness experience check it out. Like their motto says "You'll feel better". But keep this between me and you Shhhh!!! Don't tell nooooooobody.

They had some beautiful pieces

My unprepared self didn't bring a 'kini next time it's on

Beautiful handmade soaps

People enjoying the water

The kids enjoyed swinging in the trees

Handmade jewelry

I did good I have enough oils already LOL

Wine tasting this place was SWAMPED

Of course I had to sample some

Made me wish I had a tree to play in

Live Oak tree

The original Fountain of Youth


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