Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Tap Water VS Bottled Water


Which is better? 

Why pay for something that should be FREE? I use to always think that bottled was best. After reading this article I'm not so sure about that now. To my surprise bottled water isn't any better than tap. City tap water is required to be tested more frequently than bottled.

So, why are we buying into the hype that bottled is better? Some of the bottled water is really tap water anyway.

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  1. I mostly drink tap water because it's actually cleaner and has minerals like flouride that's good for babies and toddlers like my daughter. I still buy bottled water sometimes, but these days, even that has gotten so expensive that I'm buying one of those eco safe water bottles to just carry around.

  2. Yes, tap water is a safe and cleaner choice because of testing. And it taste better unlike some of the bottled water that I've tried. No more bad rap for tap water. LOL