Sunday, February 27, 2011

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DIY- Buttermilk Deep Conditioner

 Back in the day I was flat ironing my hair on a daily basis. I didn't know any better and boy did I suffer the consequences. My hair was damaged from all the heat and needed to be revived. I found a recipe to help me nurse it back to health. I tried this a couple times and the results were pretty good.

It left my hair soft and there was some shine to it. I just couldn't stand the smell of the eggs on my hair. Love eating them for breakfast though. I just gotta find a way to disguise it. Maybe, if I put a few drops of lavender in the mix.

Sorry I have no pics, I was jumping in and out of the shower making sure the smell was gone. I'll probably do this once in awhile. I just wanted to pass this along to anyone who might find it useful.

Buttermilk Hair Conditioner
½ cup organic buttermilk
1 cup plain organic yogurt
1 organic egg yolk
1 tsp raw coconut oil

Combine all the ingredients and apply to the scalp

Let it sit in the hair for 30 minutes and then rinse thoroughly


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