Sunday, January 30, 2011


Wheat Germ and Flax Seeds

I got a bargain on these two items at my local natural food store. For under $5 I couldn't believe it. I asked my grocer how she was able to sell at such reasonable prices. She said she buys in bulk and is able to sell at a decent price. I was so happy about that because I've seen them at some astronomical prices.

When I got home I put the flax seed in the blender to ground it. After grounding, it resulted in me having a generous amount. I mixed it with the wheat germ. Transfered both in a container and put it in the fridge. I won't have to buy some for a good while. They are a must have ingredient for my smoothies.


Wheat Germ                                                         
-rich in vitamin E
-great for healthy hair and skin
-lowers risk of heart disease
-helps with weight loss by keeping you full


Flax Seeds
-rich in omega 3 fatty acid (good fat)
-lowers cholesterol
-fights diabetes
-helps with constipation
The list goes on and on for the both of them