Friday, January 14, 2011




Ever wondered what that logo mean. Me too!!! Based on my research so far it means grown or raised naturally with no pesticides or chemicals. I remember watching a movie called Food Inc and was totally disgusted. Eww... I had to stop watching halfway through. The way these animals were being treated was not right.

 I'm not a hardcore animal lover but it did bother me. No wonder some of the meats be looking like they're on steroids. It's one of the reasons I started a more eco-friendly lifestyle. So, one day I walked into Whole Foods and made a quick U-Turn out. Lawdamercy, why so expensive???

I love what Whole Foods stand for. I'm just still waiting on my loan to be approved by the bank. So that I can do my entire grocery there. Thank goodness there are other natural food store options. Whenever I see that logo I know that it's better for the environment, the farmers, and most importantly ME. Hoping nothing toxic is going inside my body. I'm also aware that some companies claim to be green and they really aren't. All the more reasons to read those labels.

To find out why it costs more read this.