Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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The Missing Bonnet

I'm tired of my bonnet disappering without notifying me of it's whereabouts. My mission is to solve why it can't stay on throughout the night. I use to hate having to look for it in the morning. I'd be pissed that I have to go out and buy a new one. Then after buying, the missing bonnet is staring at me dead in my eye. All of a sudden it just pops up out of nowhere. Perhaps, out of jealously that I bought a fresh new satin bonnet. It needs to stop playing games with me. So I came up with a way to keep it on through the night.

                                                                        Satin Scarf

 Knee-Hi tied over the scarf

 Secured satin bonnet

My bonnet stayed on all night and my edges came out smooth. Do not get distracted by my huge forehead. I repeat ignore the forehead. *Putting megaphone down now* I no longer have to look for my bonnet in the morning. Now that I got that solved. How do I maintain smooth edges to last all day? I can't win I tell ya.


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