Friday, December 3, 2010

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DIY- Brown Bags Gift Wraps

The most wonderful time of the year brings out the creativity in many of us. It was so not the case for me last year. I used to think I had no creative bone but guess what we are all creative. All I had to do was step outside of my comfort zone and give it a try. I'm a TRYsexual now LOL. It saved me alot of time and money. I used brown bags instead of regular giftwraps. You can use any size it all depends on your gift. I found a youtuber by the name of Shiho Masuda. She uses alot of recycled materials with her projects. Which is what I was looking for. She's very creative and inspiring. Her channel is like watching a TV show. Anyways, check me out with my inner Martha Stewart. Watch out there now!!!

                                                                Small brown bag

                                                                  Spray painted gold


                                     My attempt at trying to make it look like a candy wrapper



                                  I was going to spray paint but, decided to scribble scribble

                                                            Before scribble scribble

                                                              After scribble scribble

                                                                       Ta Da I likey

                                                                        Tag is too plain

                                                           Found this pine cone outside

           Here's your gift, now where's mines ;)



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